Diane Sansom vs. Traditional Coaching

A Therapist, a Consultant, and a Coach go on a bike ride together… They stop along the trail to talk with you and you mention you are having trouble… They each take a turn explaining why they can help you.

When facing a problem, overwhelming challenge, or major work/life transition, to whom do you turn for professional help? Do you seek out a therapist? Maybe a consultant or a coach?

Let’s think about the analogy of someone who wants to learn how to ride a bike. They buy a bike with great enthusiasm, find a grassy field to practice on, strap on a helmet, lift their feet off the ground and – bam, they wipe out 15 feet ahead. They aren’t one to give up easily so they keep practicing day after day. But somehow after weeks of trying, they can still barely ride their bike without terrifying themselves and others. Now what? Who can help them? Let’s consider three types of professionals and see how they would approach the problem-solving process – and also look at how my coaching process does this differently from all of them.

A Therapist wants perspective and history on why someone is unable to ride a bike. What is in their past, or childhood, that presents a barrier to their learning. They dig in and work with their client by focusing on why the problem is there. The Therapist will explore their feelings about any past experiences with bicycles. Has it tossed them off in the past? When their client is ready to learn, they set them free. The therapist asks Why? And from Where?

A Consultant is an expert in riding a bicycle. They’ve already mastered the bike riding process and figured out the most efficient way to do it. They will typically assess what someone has been doing so far and provide them with a detailed plan on how to do it correctly or more efficiently, complete with a step by step process. Consultants bring specific skills, experience, and analytical processes to a situation. They present the problem and find workable solutions. They ask What’s the Problem? And What needs Changing?

A Coach offers a different type of relationship altogether. There is a lot of asking and not much telling. They are someone’s champion, helping them achieve their goal of riding a bike by asking thought provoking questions and shining a light on their strengths. They help clients break through their limiting beliefs. A coach will run alongside of them, holding the bike steady while they’re learning. They are cheering their clients on every step of the way, and they let go of the bike when they are ready to ride solo. They coach the client and not the client’s issue. They ask What’s Next? And What Now?

So how is my process different from coaching, consulting, or therapy?

Together, we will do it differently – We will create value from every meeting.

Diane Sansom Transitions Coach and Work/Life Strategist

As a Transitions Coach and Work/Life Strategist, I shine a light on my client’s strengths and passions, as well as assess their vital signs and risks. I help them select the bike model that’s right for them and customize it to just the right fit. It is only after capturing a complete perspective that I create a customized roadmap and personalized strategy that is unique to each person. I care about moving my clients forward in all 5 domains of their life. We all live our life spherically – in all directions at once. The 5 core domains of our life are: Personal, Family, Career, Community and Spiritual Community.

I take a different approach to transforming people’s lives by using a multi-dimensional, perspective-driven approach to client challenges. By combining a proven strategic process with my coaching platform, I provide clarity, understanding, and solutions for my clients to get them moving towards their vision and purpose. As clients head out on their new customized bike, they will face many crossroads – but they now have the right tools to succeed on the open road.

I would love to welcome you to your greatest and most inspired adventure yet!

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