Career Change Requires a Great Strategy

The majority of us come to a point in our professional lives where we no longer feel engaged with what we’re doing. In fact, at any given moment, 70% of us are downright unhappy in our current career or job role. Sadly, only a small percentage of us will do something proactive about that feeling. Perhaps that’s not so surprising, when you consider the anxiety that comes up whenever we have to face the unknown, especially when we don’t have a guarantee of the outcome.

In spite of our uncertainty, there are some key things we can do when facing a career change. This prep work is important! These steps will keep you focused and productive as you begin to plan your way forward.

#1: Clarify Your Future Vision. If you’re really serious about wanting to make a big change, your challenge is to discover what exactly it is you want? Think big picture. What are the underlying reasons you have for pursuing a career change? How do you want your life to look 2-3 years from now? How much travel do you want to be doing? Is there a minimal salary or cash flow level that you need?

#2: Look at the Whole of your Life. We need to honor the other areas of our life because a career change is rarely the only issue we are facing. You may be in debt, experiencing relationship challenges or health changes, or even feeling a lack of fulfillment. You can consider the following: What are some of the most important things in your mind, that must be thoroughly addressed? What’s working in your life generally? What’s not working? What’s missing or confused?

#3: Collect some Allies for the journey ahead. We all need great people around us, so we’ll want to put together a Life Team of Champions and Experts.

Champions: Champions are a big key to our success because they provide encouragement and accountability. All of us have a judge inside our heads, so we need people with a more objective, compassionate voice – with a message that encourages us: “Yah, you failed, but I’ll help you get back up on that path.” Without encouragement, we will give up.

Experts: An expert is often an older or wiser mentor that has been farther down the path, in a particular area of growth or struggle. If we want to lose 50 pounds, we would do well to spend time with someone that has successfully lost weight because we want to tap into what they know and have experienced. Mentors are often found within one’s circle of friends, family or church. Be absolutely clear on purposes to be served. There are a lot of people in this world that are experts and that want to give other people a chance. It makes them feel good.

Once you’ve set a vision, assessed your current situation, and collected some allies you are ready to move forward. The key to success is being strategic.

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