What are the 5 Life Domains?

A domain in your life is an area in which you live and interact. We have four to five main domains in our life: personal, career, family, community, and spiritual community. Together, these domains are called LifeDomains and are customized to your unique life.

You are challenged to live strategically and balanced in all domains as defined below:
Personal – This is the domain of self. At the foundation level, it includes the “margin” in your life, interests you might have, health, etc. It includes your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual issues, desires and needs. Only you get into this domain; no one else.
Career – This is the domain of work or vocation. Sometimes this domain goes through seasons, but it is the part of you for which you get paid.
Family – This domain includes parents, spouses, children, and influential extended family members.
Community – This is the domain where a person lives and interacts within the society at large; community may be one’s neighborhood, town, or city and includes friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even volunteering opportunities, among other things.
Spiritual Community – This is the domain in which a person relates to his/her faith or spiritual values and corresponding community.

Together, these life domains integrate and allow you to live spherically; in all directions at once.