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About Me

I’m a highly-trained, professionally certified coach that has helped several hundred international clients from varying backgrounds navigate through major change. I love this work because helping others lead lives filled with meaning, direction, and purpose is what I’m called to do. Over the years, I have compiled and developed a unique blend of tools to help people navigate these big changes. I understand how frustrating and confusing it can feel. The good news is that there are very simple, clear steps you can take to move forward successfully – beyond fears, beyond confusion, beyond roadblocks!


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A Very Specific

An Energy
Management Plan

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Easy First Steps

There are many things to help guide you to making a great transition. I have put together a short article that summarizes the first steps you will want to take. This information comes from my experience, my education, and my ability to transition others through change. Here are some easy, simple, practical tips that can help you today!

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