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There are 4 ingredients that every growth/change process has to have. And when you have all of these in the right amount, then really good things happen. Whenever there is a breakdown, it is always because we don’t have enough of one of these ingredients. So, join this call to get all of your questions answered about how I work with individuals in transition.

Learn how to navigate through big changes in both your personal and professional life. Through this facilitated group process, I will help you clarify your unique purpose, vision, and contribution to life. Together we will create a personalized future roadmap for your business, career, and life.

When looking to make a big change in life, we need to pause – so we can get clarity on our vision, objectives and issues. Together we will journey through a robust perspective gathering process and discover: What’s important to you. Where you desire to use your talents next. What you are longing for. You will also receive a personalized Work/Life Plan and Workbook – your strategic road map for moving forward – both personally and professionally.

Diane will be in contact to confirm your interest and schedule your attendance by either phone or email. By Opting in - you agree to receive this contact.