What I Do & Who I Help

What I Do

I create personalized Work/Life Plans for individuals. My unique approach is designed to help people navigate life’s inevitable transitions; and create strategic road maps to get them to the next chapter in life – both personally and professionally.

I take my clients through a robust perspective gathering process, from the inside out. We really dig into: What is important to me? What am I gifted to do? Where do I desire to use my talents next? What am I longing for? I trust that my clients are the experts on their life and issues; and that I am the expert on the journey I take them through.

Together we will address ALL issues and concerns in great detail, both strategically and from the heart. I help you get a clearer view of what’s working and what’s not working in your life, so we can explore best choices and design a plan that calls you forth and moves you forward.

This transformative, impactful action plan will:

  • Ground you in your Leader Within
  • Show you how to show up as your most authentic, compelling self.
  • Generate a bullseye to identify your highest contribution zone.
  • Give you a roadmap forward, that reinforces your newfound clarity.
  • Deploy strategies and tactics to move you toward your goals in a significant way.
  • Develop multi-dimensional solutions to address your issues.
  • Raise awareness of your unique challenges and roadblocks that have become barriers.
  • Give you a personalized Work/Life Planning Workbook with a game plan for your life.

Who I Help

Career and Life Changes – Step back and take a strategic pause once in a while. Statistically, a high percentage of us don’t like our job role; are frustrated about something in our relationship; or are facing a significant change like divorce or health issue in our personal life.

At our core, we all want to live and work with more meaning, purpose and passion. But, in order to improve the outside details of our life, every person needs to understand what’s on the inside.

Transitioning Business Owners & Professionals – Plan your next chapter or second half.

Transitioning entrepreneurs and business owners have found this to be a powerful process to move them successfully towards their second half. Introspective assessments I employ will help you find your core before building a plan for moving forward.


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You can contact me for your initial consultation by calling (916) 220-5193 or messaging HERE.