What my clients have to say…


I have been fortunate in my career to have had many opportunities to work with executive coaches, mentors and inspiring individuals. As a leader, I understand that these opportunities provide personal and professional growth as well as motivation to push one beyond one’s limits. When I was encouraged by a colleague to meet with Diane, I was unsure what to expect. He described his experience as life-changing, so I was intrigued.

Leading a nonprofit organization is both incredibly rewarding and emotionally challenging on a daily basis. Then to couple it with raising a family, I found myself struggling to find balance. Diane challenged me find what drives me from within and exercise my skills and talents to gain further success in all areas of my life. Her purposeful process and inspiration motivated me to be more vulnerable and aware of what my priorities are both professionally and personally. When I think of Diane and my journey through this process, one word comes to mind: Transformational. She is one of a kind!

Jennifer Stolo, President & CEO – Make-A-Wish® Northeastern & Central California and Northern Nevada

As a business owner, engaged community member, and parent of young kids I found myself overwhelmed by the blizzard of demands on my time. I engaged Diane Sansom because I knew I was not optimizing my business or personal life as I fought life’s everyday fires. I was desperate for more peace and balance in my life. Diane is a gifted advisor. She guided me through a process to explore and clarify the core of my business needs, life objectives, personal gifts, and deepest values, and helped me develop a life plan that embraces these. This is not just one-off coaching. Diane gave me strategies for leveraging my unique talents in a way that fuels my business and feeds my soul. I would recommend Diane Sansom to anyone seeking positive growth or transition in their life.

Diane Sansom looks at the whole person – not just at work – which is critical for finding effective solutions that align with your personal values and that don’t strip joy from other areas of your life. We are not business machines, we are dynamic people with life goals, family, values… Diane Sansom gets it.

Mica Heilman, Owner & Principal Scientist – Land IQ

It was a fantastic experience working with Diane! She has a wonderful demeanor and I truly enjoyed each of our sessions. The result of her guidance and process–significant personal growth and concrete strategic plan. Outstanding!

Steve Holden, Principal – Holden Law Group

I contacted Diane when I was looking to transition to a new career after spending 23 years in Medical Device sales. She came highly recommended from my Financial Planner. Diane helped me to discover not only my true career passion, but also focused on other areas of my life. The result was a 20-year plan for not only my career, but for my life. I found the experience life-changing. I would recommend Diane to anyone looking to change careers or even if you have recently retired. I cannot recommend Diane Sansom enough!

Kelly Schafer, Medical Device Sales

Diane Sansom is a naturally gifted and strategic coach. Although I had worked with various coaches over my career I had never experienced the transformative results that I experienced after working with Diane. After a 30-year career as an executive in corporate America, I had the opportunity to redefine myself and seek a profession that fed my soul in addition to my pocketbook. When I started working with Diane my thoughts were murky on what my passions and gifts were in relation to a new vocation. The process that Diane took me through revealed insights that I would never have come to on my own. Diane has a gift for intuition and asking the right questions to allow you to come to amazing epiphanies and find your life purpose. I am now a happy entrepreneur pursing a vocation I am wildly passionate about. I highly recommend working with Diane Sansom, it will change your life!

Debbie Sheehan, VP Financial Services

Who do you turn to for clarity during a major transition in your life? Diane Sansom came into mine at that appointed time. As a coach, Diane knows her craft, she is insightful, keenly discerning and able to bring the coachee into a life plan that is thoroughly defined and developed through the heart of the coachee… Having experienced her work first hand, I wholeheartedly recommend Diane to you.

Ron Short, Senior Pastor, Leadership Coach

Diane Sansom’s disposition, wisdom and professional experience, makes her an absolute pleasure to work with. She has helped me both personally and professionally, through her facilitation and coaching. Whether you are looking to transform your business or your life, Diane has a unique skill set and stocked toolbox, to help you drive excellence and strategic change!

T. Rachael Mott, Global Business Leader

I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time. I just wanted to say Thank You! My career evaluation exercises (Career Elevation survey and Mind Map drawing) helped me realize and achieve a successful transition to the Financial Services Industry. We must have worked together back in 2014-2013. I am currently in a client services support role for a wealth management firm which is where I want to be. Now I’m looking forward to longevity, tenure in this type of role with this company. It is amazing what you do…you change lives and you make a difference. You certainly changed mine and I’ll never forget that. For me, the mind map drawing was literally the “map” I needed to keep following, setting goals, and making adjustments to get to the destination. My LinkedIn quote is inspired by my experience working with you: “One’s career is a journey, and that journey is by no means a straight line.” – Sallie Krawcheck.
Thank you Diane!

Judy Colvin, Financial Services Industry

Referred through the pastor of my church, I approached Diane Sansom because my husband recently passed and I felt that I needed something to help me move into a new phase of my life. My experience was amazing. I learned to step out of the place of fear I was operating from and move towards my dreams. I always suspected that there were bits and pieces that needed to be assembled to allow me to advance, but it never felt accessible to me. In this process, Diane guided me through the gates of discovery and helped me develop a very real plan. Diane Sansom is such a great coach! “The light bulb moment” has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Sherry Morton